How to get there


By plane

Tirana International Airport and then take the buses south towards Saranda and Himara. Or first you go to Corfu, take the boat to Saranda (in the morning or in the afternoon), then with the bus to Jal.

By boat

From Korfu to Saranda (all year) or Himara (in summer), then take the bus to Jal. Or from Italy Bari, Brindisi to Vlorë and Durrës, than take the bus in the direction to Saranda or Himara.

By bus

Below is a list (unfortunatelly in Albania) with the buss schedules for Albania.

By thumb

While travelling along the Albania Riveria, many folks are willing to give you a ride to your next beach town. A small donation at the end (200-400 LEK) is a nice gesture and much appreciated by locals.