27-30 August 2016
Dhermi/Drymades beach, South Albania

An adventure with free open source geeks from communities all around the Balkans aside the beach. 4 days of co-working for the community in the Balkans. Meet new people, exchange ideas, get inspired, collaborate to organize this un-conference together with the ultimate goal of growing our communities and spreading the free open source communities in every corner of our region. Careful: this event requires active participation from your side!

A Typical Day at FOSS Camp Balkans

Start your day with all the participants by the beach and organize the day together. Eat freshly prepared breakfast and start working in teams for half of the day. Present your work in the afternoon, party on the beach in the evening. Repeat the routine for at least three days.

Daily themes

Day 1: general information including safety briefing and planning for the next days; Codemoji, TechSpeakers (Mozilla)
2: WikiLovesMaps (Wikipedia)

Day 4: GNU/Linux day

Participation costs?

Just like all the events we organize there is no cost for participation although you need to figure out transportation costs and camping costs.

Totoreto camp costs 13.5 Euro/night, 3 Euro breakfast, 7 euro lunch & 7 euro dinner (all prices per person). It has bigger tents than other camps and bigger beds (real ones) and it is cleaner (since fewer people have slept there than other camps). We have pushed the owners to offer clean and healthier food than other alternatives in that region. Unfortunately Drymades offers very limited food choices.

Bus info

Starting everyday from Tirana @ 6.30 and 21.00 from Dogana (entry of Tirana city when you come from the airport or Durres highway at the Eagle monument). 1000 lek (less than 8euros) one way. Book in advance by calling +0355 694332796 (Olgeno).It’s best to call at least 24hr before to make sure there are free seats.  Here are all the bus lines (unfortunately in Albanian) for all the cities


We will be staying at Totoreto Camp in Drimades/Dhermi. It is near the beach next to Turtle Camp.